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Night Portering

Phoenix Events (East) Ltd works closely with hotels (such as Norfolk Mead and Heacham Manor) to ensure they are operating to high standards, and have preparations in place to run smoothly the forthcoming day. All of our night staff have a range of experience in the skills needed to work during the night, allowing our clients complete peace of mind when using our services.

The night porter takes complete responsibility for hotel security during the night, providing portering, reception and security service, and assisting guests and staff in any way possible. Our porters are provided with top customer service training, enabling them to become approachable and trustworthy individuals, with a drive to provide good customer service.

Some of the key responsibilities of Night Portering include:

  • Bar Work
  • Checking the bar is ready for takeover (including stock check before Duty Manager leaves)
  • Wash glasses and return to appropriate bars, leaving areas tidy
  • Clear all bottles to cellar
  • Clear areas with leftover coffee cups and trays, to stack neatly in wash-up area
  • Clean and tidy all public areas wherever possible, to provide a welcoming and hygienic environment for clients
  • Prepare breakfast trays and service to rooms when required
  • Lay up brassiere for breakfast and conference rooms as detailed on function sheets to hotel standards as trained
  • To assist with the correct service of the brassiere, sports bar, room service menu and beverages
  • In winter, tend fires, grit pathways, replenish logs
  • Order and deliver newspapers where necessary
  • Carry out timely and efficient morning call service where required

  • Be available on reception, until a receptionist is able to take over
  • Deal with guests promptly upon their arrival & departure, according to hotel regulations on check in and check out procedures
  • To assist guests with their luggage
  • Ensure attention to detail is maintained when opening up other departments and ensure all departmental checklists are completed
  • Guest property lost/found the procedure to be followed
  • Print notices and change notice boards
  • To ensure documentation e.g., checks/bills are completed as necessary and in accordance with hotel standards
  • Conducting security checks, inside and out, during the night
  • Handling money through payments of service, cash and credit card
  • Ensure all corridors are clear, fire extinguishers and fire doors are secure, return any trays outside bedrooms to kitchen
  • Be aware of hotel security and fire/emergency procedures at all times
  • To be responsible for the general security of the company property, keys, stock and comply with Health & Safety responsibilities

For further information about our Night Portering Services, please contact us at:

Phone Number: +44 (0) 1603 952312
Email Address:
Head Office Address: Phoenix Events (East) Ltd, St. Georges Works, 51 Colegate Norwich, NR3 1DD

Night Portering Services

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