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Phoenix Events (East) Ltd works to provide professional training for all on-site security requirements, specifically within:
– SIA Security
– SIA Door Supervisors

These skill sets are used for a range of premises, including retail, wholesale, commercial, residential and industrial, particularly as we work closely with selected partners to guarantee a high quality and efficient service. Our services include but are not limited to, a vast range of services, including:
– Construction sites
– Schools


Mobile patrol


Phoenix Events (East) Ltd guarantee that we will provide instant response first time, should any intruder or fire alarm activate on your premises. Should the police need to gain entry, our company will respond accordingly, and the client will only be disturbed in-case of emergency or if an agreement has been discussed prior to the event. A full report of the event will be made and sent to the client by 09:00 the following morning.

Once the last of your staff have left the premises, it becomes our responsibility to set intruder alarm systems, check heating and lights have been switched off to conserve energy and ensure windows and doors have been securely locked.

Our mobile security patrols help keep you, your business and your possessions safe!


Phoenix Events (East) Ltd works closely with hotels (such as Norfolk Mead and Heacham Manor) to ensure they are operating to high standards, and have preparations in place to run smoothly the forthcoming day. All of our night staff have a range of experience in the skills needed to work during the night, allowing our clients complete peace of mind when using our services.

The night porter takes complete responsibility for hotel security during the night, providing portering, reception and security service, and assisting guests and staff in any way possible. Our porters are provided with top customer service training, enabling them to become approachable and trustworthy individuals, with a drive to provide good customer service.

Some of the key responsibilities of Night Portering include:
• Bar Work




Through our key focus on excellent customer service, our staff are able to use their skills in multiple ways to provide the best customer service advisor experience possible. These skills can shape a multitude of roles, such as:
• Safety Stewards (NVQ Spectator Safety Level 2)
• Turnstile/ Ticket Check / Ticket Sales Stewards
• Queue Management / Directional Stewards
• Event Litter Picking
• Toilet Attendants
• Hospitality, Executive and Cloakroom Stewards


Our management team has experience of working with a host of technologies and ticketing systems and can help to advise on what might be the best approach for your event, From the latest Apps to Download to your Smartphone or using Scanners.

Our ticket sellers, checkers and cashier teams use tried and tested processes to maximise accuracy and ensure your visitors are greeted with courtesy as they arrive at you event and checked quickly and efficiently to keep the ques moving.
We use tried and tested processes to provide you with a complete auditable reconciliation of takings against sales at the end of each day.

We carry comprehensive cash handling insurances. That can allow us to take your cash during a event to the bank so this is not kept on site for longer than it needs to be.
All our cash handling staff are supervised at all times by trained managers.




At Phoenix Events (East) Ltd, we recognise that traffic management is vital for any event, regardless of size and complexity, so we have created a simple, flexible and professional approach to provide a tailored plan that suits your event.

Using our services, this starts with an initial meeting and consultation, where the event operation is discussed and resumes with a full debrief and report. We are able to assist or apply on your behalf (charges may apply), for Temporary Traffic Road Orders (TTRO), helping you to create/shape traffic management plans, to be submitted to local councils, police or safety committees.

Our customer-friendly marshals will be on hand throughout, and are trained to 12D standards, adhering to all Chapter 8 guidelines, and welcoming all visitors to the event. As a team, we have plenty of professional managers, surveyors and area supervisors who have many years of experience arranging traffic systems. Alongside a qualified, trained workforce, we offer


At Phoenix Events (East) Ltd, we pride ourselves by offering simple flexible and professional services, particularly through our experiences with working with a range of car parking events, of all different sizes.

This service begins with an initial meeting and consultation, through to our event operation and resumes, including a full debrief and report. From there, we produce all car park signage, layout and design; ensuring that all our staff are fully equipped with high visible PPE.

Regardless of the scale of the operation, our focus is on a safe and effective experience for customers, and to provide top quality customer service, to assist all visitors throughout their stay at the event. It is key that we take into account, the wider impact our operations have on local residents and businesses, so we can work with the local community to provide a service to suit everybody. Therefore, our customer friendly marshals are trained to assist with: visitor segregation, access control and directing cars to the relevant parking spaces.


Equipment Hire


Event Advertising
Litter Picking
COVID 19 Services
Fire Marshals – Business
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